Who we are

Dedham Civic Pride has been beautifying Dedham for over twenty years. We have transformed the town's neighborhoods with landscaping, tree-planting and planters.  The board of Dedham Civic Pride is entirely lead by volunteers, which means public support is crucial to our success.

Did you know?

Beautification projects like the ones Dedham Civic Pride has created have been shown to:

  • Reduce traffic speeds and accidents

  • Increase revenue in shopping areas

  • Increase property values

  • Decrease crime and vandalism


The projects of Dedham Civic Pride are made possible by the support of town businesses, organizations and residents like yourself.  Your membership with Dedham Civic Pride will help us:

  • Plant and maintain over 89 "Blooms" flower pots and large containers throughout the town

  • Plant and maintain over 50 traffic islands, median strips and pocket parks

  • Procure Banners that hang in Dedham Square and East Dedham at various times during the year

  • Employ four local part time landscaping staff